7 Ways to Invest$ 100



Structure wealth takes time and tolerance, but it also requires you to take real, practicable way with your plutocrat. After all, you wo n’t get rich by keeping your redundant cash under your mattress and hoping for the stylish. You have to invest your plutocrat if you want it to start growing to its full eventuality.

But, how do you do that if you only have$ 100 to get started? That’s not a lot of capital, but it’s surely better than nothing.

Also know that utmost “ regular people ” who ’ve erected real wealth started with small totalities, kept on investing, and watched as their plutocrat swelled from there. Having$ 100 in the bank might not feel like a lot, but it’s all you need to change your future for the better.


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How to Invest$ 100 Starting moment
There’s a secret about investing utmost people do n’t know

It’s not really about how important you invest at first. It matters the utmost that you actually get started and do commodity.

Whether you ’re trying to figure out how to invest$ 100, or you need to know how to invest$ bones
, the key to getting ahead is making a decision and sticking with it.

That said, then are some of the ways I ’d invest$ 100 if I had to start each over again.

1. Round Up Your Savings
Risk position Low

Acorns is an app that automatically “ rounds up ” your change when you make a purchase so it can invest that plutocrat on your behalf. When you subscribe up for a plan, you can automatically grow your wealth and your savings. You can also indeed choose among professionally curated portfolios that might work more or worse grounded on your pretensions and threat preferences.

How It Works Plans bring$ 1,$ 3, or$ 5 per month depending on how numerous features you want. The introductory “ Lite ” plan for$ 1 per month automatically rounds up your purchases and invests your spare change. The Personal and Family plans( for$ 3 and$ 5 per month, independently) come with added benefits like checking and figure-free access at further than ATMs nationwide.

Where to Get Started To get started, open an account with Acorns and download the mobile app. Pick your plan and you can begin rounding up your purchases and investing the difference at a lightning-fast speed. The top- league Personal and Family plans are an excellent place to store your original$ 100 investment. Learn further through my Acorns app review.

Who It’s Stylish For Acorns is ideal for anyone who wants help saving plutocrat automatically, also investing that plutocrat into consummately chosen investments.

2. Dabble in Fractional Shares
Risk position Varies

Fractional shares are nothing further than a “ bit ” or a “ slice ” of an individual stock. As a result, this type of investing lets you use$ 100 to buy stocks you could n’t else go. You can also diversify your$ 100 investment across numerous different stocks that would work well in your portfolio.

How It Works With Robinhood, you can buy stock in a company indeed if you do n’t have enough plutocrat to buy an entire share. It’s called fractional share investing. rather of buying one share of a$ 100 stock, you could invest$ 10 in 10 different stocks.

Where to Get Started Robinhood makes it easy to open an account and get started. You can indeed get a free perk stock worth over to$ 225 just for opening an account and meeting some introductory conditions.

Who It’s Stylish For Robinhood is a great option for investing in fractional shares since there are no commissions and no minimal balance needed to get started. Fractional share investing can be a good option for any investor who wants to diversify as important as they can.

3. Invest in Cryptocurrency
Risk position High

Cryptocurrency is a term used to describe digital currency, like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Although crypto has been incredibly unpredictable, numerous experts believe the assiduity is still in its immaturity, and that crypto will be espoused extensively within the coming many decades. For illustration, some assiduity judges prognosticate one Bitcoin will be worth$ or further several times from now.

How It Works There are numerous estimable platforms that let you invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. You can open an account and fund the crypto purchase of your choice in a matter of hours.

From there, you can buy further cryptocurrency, trade, or vend depending on your requirements and pretensions. presently, BlockFi lets you invest in BTC, ETH, LTC, and PAXG, as well as USD- grounded stablecoins like USDC, USDT, GUSD, and PAX.

Where to Get Started BlockFi is an excellent choice for investing in cryptocurrency due to the fact there are no minimal balance conditions. This means you can go ahead and invest your original$ 100 into cryptocurrency moment, but you could also get started with$ 5,$ 10, or whatever you have.

Who It’s Stylish For Investing in cryptocurrency is a good option for anyone who has a high forbearance for threat, and who wo n’t need to withdraw their plutocrat right down. Check out this BlockFi review to see if it’s the right cryptocurrency platform for you.

4. Enroll in a Course or instrument threat position Low

There are thousands of different online courses you can take for lower than$ 100, including bones
that ’ll expand your knowledge in any area you want. Whether you want to learn how to be a better pen, how to use Photoshop, or how to get paid to be a speaker — the options are endless!

How It Works A variety of online platforms let you buy online courses and instruments in nearly any assiduity. Consider what skill can be useful in your professional or particular life. maybe a instrument would help you get a creation at your current job, or perhaps a new skill would help you drop your 9- to- 5 job and begin working in a brand new field.

Where to Get Started MasterClass is my top pick for enrolling in courses and instruments. With this online platform, you can pay a small daily figure( just$3.45 per week) and enroll in hundreds of courses in trades and entertainment, music, business, and more. Your original$ 100 investment in this platform would presently pay for further than six months of unlimited literacy.

Who It’s Stylish For Online courses and instruments can be a good investment for anyone, but MasterClass in particular is a good choice if you do n’t know exactly which courses you want to take. With a small daily figure, you can take a bunch of different courses until you find the right fit.

5. Open a Roth IRA
Risk position Varies

A Roth IRA is a type of withdrawal regard you can open in addition to other accounts you have like a plant 401( k). This type of withdrawal account lets you invest with after- duty bones
, and your plutocrat grows duty-free until you’re ready to pierce it. The stylish part is, you can withdraw your Roth IRA finances without paying income levies once you ’re age 59 ½ or aged.

How It Works You ’ll need to open a Roth IRA on your own, which is easy to do with any number of online brokerage enterprises. Just keep in mind that income caps limit who can contribute, so it’s possible you may not be eligible if you have a high income.

Also, note that donation limits apply. utmost people can contribute up to$ to a Roth IRA( and a traditional IRA, in total) in 2021, yet those periods 50 and aged can contribute up to$.

Where to Get Started The stylish places to open a Roth IRA include Betterment, Stash, M1 Finance, and more. Research online brokerage accounts until you find the stylish option for your requirements and pretensions.

Who It’s Stylish For A Roth IRA makes sense for anyone who wants to save plutocrat for withdrawal or other pretensions. Since this account lets you withdraw plutocrat without income levies in withdrawal, it’s also a good choice for people who want access to duty-free plutocrat latterly in life.

6. Worthy Bonds
Risk position Medium

Worthy is a company that offers bonds with a fixed interest rate of 5. You only need$ 10 to get started, and interest composites in your account on a diurnal base. There are no retired freights, and the plutocrat you invest is lent out to businesses that can make a positive impact in your community.

How It Works Opening an account with Worthy is easy, and there are no freights or penalties involved. Since each bond costs just$ 10, your original investment of$ 100 can help you buy 10 bonds right off the club.

Where to Get Started Head to the Worthy website and elect the option to open a new account. From there, you can buy as numerous bonds as you want in$ 10 supplements. Interest will accrue daily in your account, and there are no freights involved.

Who It’s Stylish For Worthy bonds are a great option for anyone who wants to earn a fixed rate of 5 on their savings.

7. Open a High- Yield Savings Account Threat position Low

still, also your stylish bet, for now, If you have$ 100 to your name but you do n’t have any redundant cash for exigency charges. still, you can fluently earn a better rate of return with a high- yield savings regard from an online bank.
This type of savings regard workshop like other savings accounts from a traditional bank. Setting up an account is a breath, and the biggest difference is that you can earn a advanced interest rate on your deposits.

How It Works The stylish online savings accounts from banks like CIT Bank, Discover, and Ally Bank offer exceptionally high- interest rates when compared to the public normal of just0.04. Just make sure you compare accounts until you find an option with the gratuities you want and no retired freights.
Where to Get Started Discover offers excellent high- yield savings accounts with no minimal deposit demand and no ongoing freights. You can also earn 5x the public normal on your savings. That’s still not a lot, but earning commodity is still better than nothing.

Who It’s Stylish For Everyone needs savings for extremities and a stormy day.

Your Investment Style
still, you ’ll want to be careful you ’re investing in a way that aligns with your investment style, If you only have$ 100 to invest right now. This style will presumably depend on a whole host of factors, which may include
Whether you ’ll need easy access to your plutocrat
How important threat you want to take
Your investment timeline
How important exploration you want to do
Still, also you may want to look into options like opening a Roth IRA, investing in cryptocurrency, If you want to invest for the long haul and you wo n’t need your$ 100 right down. Each of these lets you grow your plutocrat over a long timeline, and potentially without a lot of fine print or retired freights.

On the wise side, you may want a “ safer ” option if you need access to your$ 100 when extremities come up. In that case, Worthy Bonds or a high- yield savings regard might be a better choice.
The Bottom Line
There are numerous ways to invest$ 100, just as there are smart options if you have$ to invest,$ to get started or$ you’re ready to devote to erecting wealth. Make sure you compare all of your options and only dive in formerly you know you ’re ready.

Although$ 100 may not feel like a lot, imagine what you can negotiate if you began investing$ 20,$ 50 or indeed$ 100 per month. When it comes to erecting wealth, you really do have to start nearly. Investing$ 100 is the first step to erecting the life you really want.