9 Ways to Turn Your Scaredy Cat Into a Confident Kitty



Keep her environment peaceful
If you’re playing loud music, if your kids are playing their new video game at full blast, if the dog is sniffing around her hideout, or if you’re yelling from room to room, for example, that’s going to be too much for her to take.

Come Bearing Gifts



This one likely comes as no surprise to experienced cat owners, but cats love being around you more when you have food or toys with you. Cats seem to prefer interacting with people around mealtime or while playing, so you should totally try to buy your cat’s love.

This can go too far, of course. Don’t let your cat become overweight due to your bonding efforts, and respect their decision if they don’t feel like playing. Otherwise, though, you can use a snack and a feather to create a wonderful bonding experience for the both of you.

Build her confidence with play
Once your cat has gotten confident enough to come out of hiding, even if she’s just slinking around the edges of the room, start engaging in some gentle, interactive play. Place the feather end of a teaser toy on the ground and then jerk it around in tiny little motions to get her attention. If she looks at the toy and starts acting interested, play with her a bit more, then praises her bravery and give her a treat.


Be a Copycat


Want to lower a cat’s guard? Mirror his body language. For example, Radosta says, if he looks at you and averts his gaze, you should do the same. Almost always, the kitty will glance back at you.

“It’s like you’re saying, ‘Hey man, take your space. I’m not coming over there.’ That makes a cat feel more comfortable than someone who reaches their hand over to pet him. Then the cat is like, ‘Are you stupid? I just told you I didn’t want to be petted,'” Radosta explains.

Use Food
One of the quickest ways to a cat’s heart is through (you guessed it) food. Use it to train a kitty to anticipate good things when you pet him. Here’s how: When you give a cat a meal of wet food or a treat, pet him several times while he’s eating it and walk away. Do this every day. Eventually, switch to petting first and then giving the food or treat. The kitty will come to associate petting with something good.

“This trick works even if a cat doesn’t like you that much,” Radosta says. “As long as he likes treats or canned food, he’ll become conditioned to like you as well.”


Scratch the Right Spots.


When a cat welcomes the attention, stick to petting where it’s most likely to make a kitty feel good. The best area to a pet is from the top of the head to the shoulders, where kitties normally groom each other. Some cats also like to be petted on the back. But if you see the cat’s tail start to thrash, it’s a warning that the cat is tolerating it, but not loving it, Radosta explains. And don’t even think about belly rubs—very few cats like to be touched there.

With a little practice, you’ll have no problem picking up kitty cues. Your patience and loving respect for cat boundaries are sure to earn you a kitty’s seal of approval.

Lure her out of hiding with food or treats.
Gently toss or roll a treat to your cat and see how your scaredy-cat reacts. If she eats the treat, roll another one toward her. Gradually bring her closer by tossing the treats a shorter distance. While you’re doing this, speak to her gently and tell her what a good, brave cat she is.


Give special attention to your cat


Give him/her the time and attention that he/she deserves:

It is a symbol of affection to look after your cat’s health. That’s why owners frequently wonder, “What do cats eat?” Why are cats so afraid of water? as well as, how long can a cat go without eating? That’s why knowing his vaccination schedule, taking him to the vet every 6 to 12 months, and last but not least, respecting his daily or weekly care are all ways of saying “I love you.”

When we say “care,” we’re referring to grooming your cat’s coat and removing dead hair (which prevents your cat from drowning in hairballs). What is the best way to get rid of fleas on cats? This is a typical question among cat owners, demonstrating their care and concern for their adorable cats and gorgeous pets. cleaning his teeth or even trimming his nails. All of this is part of a series of little rituals that will encourage you to spend more time with your cat and create memories that he/she will never forget.

Cat treat
We usually found owners asking: “What human food can cats eat?” Rewards are an excellent way to demonstrate your love for your cat. Just forget about chocolate and how you treat young kids. Forget about them and think about cat snacks; while cats’ tastes differ, you can usually find a unique and special meal that your cat will enjoy and for which it will be rewarded.