9 Ways to Turn Your Scaredy Cat Into a Confident Kitty



Keep the area calm for her
That will be too much for her to handle, for example, if you’re shouting from room to room, your kids are playing their new video game at full volume, the dog is sniffing about her hiding place, or you’re playing loud music.

Come With Presents



Experienced cat owners probably won’t be surprised to learn that cats enjoy your company more when you have food or toys around. You should definitely try to purchase your cat’s love because cats appear to enjoy connecting with people during mealtimes or when playing.

There is a limit to this, of course. Avoid letting your cat gain weight as a result of your efforts to bond with them, and appreciate them if they choose not to play. In any case, you may utilize a snack and a feather to construct a great moment of intimacy between the two of you.

Boost her self-confidence by playing

Start some mild, interactive play after your cat feels secure enough to emerge from hiding, even if she is merely lurking about the room’s perimeter. To grab her attention, place the feather end of a teaser toy on the ground and jerk it around in little movements. Play with her a little bit more if she shows any interest in the toy and then commend her bravery by rewarding her with a treat.


Be a Copycat


Want to let a cat’s defenses down? Become a mirror of his posture. For instance, Radosta advises that you should do the same if he glances at you and averts his sight. The cat will almost always give you a quick glance.

“It’s as if you’re telling the man to have a seat. I won’t be going there. A cat feels more at ease when you do that than when you extend your hand to pat him. The cat then says, “Are you stupid? I’ve already stated that I don’t want to be patted “Explained by Radosta.

Eat Food

Food is (you guessed it) one of the easiest methods to win a cat over. You may use it to teach your cat to look forward to getting petted. This is how: When you offer a cat a treat or a meal of wet food, touch him numerous times as he consumes it before leaving the room. Practice this daily. Change eventually to offering the food or treat first, then caressing. The cat will learn to equate touching with positive experiences.

According to Radosta, “This approach works even if a cat doesn’t really like you.” He’ll learn to like you if you give him treats or canned food, says the trainer.


Scratch the Proper Areas.

Stick to caressing cats where they are most likely to respond favorably when you approach them when they need attention. The finest place for a pet is between the shoulders and the top of the head, where cats frequently groom one another. Some cats like having their backs stroked as well. Radosta notes that if you notice the cat’s tail beginning to thrash, it’s a sign that the cat is tolerating it but isn’t enjoying it. And forget about massaging your cat’s tummy; very few cats enjoy having their bellies rubbed.

You won’t have any trouble recognizing cat cues after you put in a little practice. You will undoubtedly have the kitty’s endorsement for your tolerance and loving regard for cat boundaries.

Use rewards or food to draw her out of hiding.
Watch your cat’s reaction when you softly toss or roll a treat for it. Roll another reward in her direction if she consumes the first one. Toss the sweets closer by throwing them more frequently. While you’re doing this, softly praise her for being a good, courageous cat.


Give special attention to your cat


Give him/her the time and attention that he/she deserves:

Taking care of your cat’s health is a sign of love. Owners commonly inquire, “What do cats eat,” for this reason. Why do cats fear water so much? How long can a cat live without food as well? Knowing his immunization schedule, taking him to the veterinarian every 6 to 12 months, and last but not least, respecting his daily or weekly care are all examples of “I love you” expressions.

The brushing of your cat’s coat and cleaning of dead hair are included in what we mean by “care” (which prevents your cat from drowning in hairballs). How can fleas be effectively removed from cats? Cat owners frequently ask questions like these to show how much they love and care for their darling cats and lovely pets. clipping his nails, or even brushing his teeth. All of this is a part of a number of small customs that will motivate you to spend more time with your cat and generate lifelong memories.

kitty treat
Owners frequently inquired, “What human food can cats eat?” Rewards are a wonderful way to show your cat how much you care. Put chocolate and how you treat small children out of your mind. Forget about them and focus on cat snacks instead. Despite the fact that cats have a variety of preferences, you can generally find a special meal that your cat will like and for which you will reward it.